Album Audition

Coalition, a flagship album in production by DJ Mad Prince, is an attempt to display the talent and power of independent Hip Hop Artists. The goal of Coalition is to bring the independent artist community together to create a historical album that will stand the test of time.

We are looking for talented rappers & MCs to leave their mark on history and join us in created the best Hip Hop album that has ever existed.


All beats for Coalition are being produced by DJ Mad Prince and will be provided to all involved artists, free of charge, for use only on this album.


All artists who feature on Coalition will receive a portion of royalties based on the number of appearances on this album. We believe everyone deserves their fair share.


All artists will be credited for working on Coalition. Their names will be featured on each song that they appear on as well as credits in the physical CD copy of Coalition.


All artists will receive a free copy of the physical release as well as heavy discounts on any Coalition merchandise that will be created. All artists will also receive free promotion and will be included in our popular playlists on Spotify.


Artists who show dedication and have great work ethic may be offered the opportunity to officially join the East Rock family as an artist. All of our in-house services will be provided to these artists for free to help further their careers.


Throughout this process, you will meet many talented individuals from across the independent music industry from artists, producers and engineers. Work doesn't stop after Coalition is complete. This is just the beginning.

How does this all work?

We at East Rock make the music making process very simple for all of our artists, and this project is no different. You will work directly with DJ Mad Prince on the song creation process. He will send an instrumental through that you would like/fit on and then you send back the raw, unedited vocals right back. If any edits on your part are required, they will be brought to your attention.

Do I receive royalties from this album?

Yes. All featured and main artists of Coalition earn their fair share of the royalties based on the amount of work and number of appearances on Coalition.

Can I freely express myself in my lyrics or are my writtens controlled?

Certain songs my have general directions and topics, however we leave full creative control of your lyrics to you. This album is about being better than the major industry. As long as your lyrics are tight, and match up with other features on a particular song, etc, they will make the cut.

Do I have permission to release the beat(s) / song(s) on my pages?

No. All instrumentals / songs for this project are only for use in the creation of the Coalition album. Unused beats may be licensed to artists and verses you create that are unused can be used in your own work(s).

For any other questions, please send an email to:

Audition Submission

Fill out the information for the audition. We respond to all auditions. Upload your best song that best captures your style.

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    We will be judging all auditions and will get back to each and every one by mid December. Only send one audition, duplicates will make the process longer for us.