Radio Submission Agreement

Last Updated: 11/27/2020

  1.   This agreement is between East Rock Entertainment and any individual who submits a form entry on our Radio Submission page (
  2.   For the remainder of this agreement, the individual who has submitted a form entry on the Radio Submission page shall be referred to "The Artist".
  3.   For the remainder of this agreement, the Radio MP3 song file shall be referred to as "The Song".
  4.   The term of this agreement shall last 8 years on the date of the Radio Submission form entry.
  5.   The Artist hereby gives permission for East Rock Radio to broadcast The Song on East Rock Entertainment's internet radio station "East Rock Radio.
  6.   This agreement only permits the use of The Song submitted via The Artist on any radio or media platform owned and operated by East Rock Entertainment and does not include any other of The Artist's musical discography.
  7.   The Artist is not entitled to any royalty payments by East Rock Entertainment. Internet radio royalties are paid to The Artist by organizations like: ASCAP or BMI.
  8.   The Artist is not entitled to any monetization revenue generated as the result of The Song being played on East Rock Radio.
  9.   The Artist grants East Rock Entertainment full permission to stream The Song on its internet radio service at no cost to East Rock Radio.