We provide our team the services and tools they need for success in an ever-changing industry. At our heart, we are comprised of creators in the industry from producers, artists to graphic designers who take great care in the content that we sponsor. We work with both independent artists and labels to provide the best experience and cater our services accordingly, regardless if you are a single artist or a label with 40 artists.




We distribute your music to over 100 commercial stores like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer so that your music can be heard all over the globe. We provide our labels monthly sales reports as well as assistance in gaining access to both Apple Music and Spotify for Artists so labels can track their artist's progress in real-time.

Get Paid What You Deserve

We believe everyone should get their fair share of what they earn, that has been our mission since day one. For your label's first year, we offer a 70/30 split where your label takes home 70% of all music royalties and merchandise sales. After the first year, our share reduces down to only 20%.

Built For Labels

At our core, we are built for independent labels. It doesn't matter if you have a team of 5 or a collective of over 50, we are here to grow your label and expand its offerings.

Also Built For Artists

Looking to keep your independence as an artist? We also provide all of our services to artists as well who are not signed to a record label.